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Getting Treatment For Addiction in California With A Better Today

Addiction itself is not a simple matter of will power that is treated by simply refusing to take another drink, or pledging to stop using drugs. Addiction and chemical dependency has properties that do not just effect how someone feels when administrated drugs, but it also rewires the brain into a repeated pattern of use. Many people still today call addiction an active state of choice, but new evidence indicates that this is not accurate. New insight into the nature of addiction through modern technology, as well as our current understanding of neuropsychology, have demonstrated that addiction actually effects the ability for individuals to make choices. Therefore, addiction can be very difficult to treat without professional care. However, A Better Today provides the latest treatment modalities from licensed professionals to bring you the highest quality care possible.

What Is A Better Today’s View On Addiction?

Addiction is primarily established by the two neurotransmitters that effect numerous areas of the brain. The main two chemical that cause addiction are dopamine and glutamate. Dopamine is responsible for the euphoric effects that are commonly associated with drugs and alcohol. With higher and higher levels of dopamine, the brain responds with a degree of another chemical known as glutamate. Glutamate is primarily responsible for the reinforcement of memory in the brain.
With both of these neurotransmitters acting in the brain, there is a substantial degree of rewiring that occurs in the brain, particularly in the pre-frontal cortex as well as the midbrain. The prefrontal cortex itself is responsible for reason, logic and other higher-level cognitive functioning. Acting as a counterpart, the midbrain is responsible for one’s survival instincts, such as attaining food, water safety and reproduction. With the use of drugs, the excessive levels of dopamine and glutamate change the structure of the midbrain; making it believe that drugs or alcohol are just as important as your basic survival needs. Since the midbrain responds faster to neural connections than prefrontal cortex, the mind has a compromised system of logic. Therefore, addiction itself is not considered to be a disease, but rather it is a disease of choice.

Reaching A Better Today From California To Treat Addiction

With this understanding of addiction in mind, it should not be a difficult choice to decide to reach out for help. If you or a loved is addicted, it is imperative to seek professional help to do so. At A Better Today, we have certified and licensed professionals who are educated in the understanding of addiction being a disease, rather than a personal shortcoming. You should never feel any sense of judgement from your attending counselors and case-workers when pursuing a life of recovery, and we certainly strive to provide that level of care. If you or someone you are concerned about is suffering from the effects of addiction, please call us at (559) 314-2335 and we will do our utmost to ensure a well-substantiated recovery process, as well as effective after-care to assist you even after the sessions are concluded.