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ADHD Drugs in America

ADHD Drugs in America
ADHD Drugs in America

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American High

ADHDmedsIn recent years ADHD amphetamine drugs have been increasingly in the news as the number of people being diagnosed is skyrocketing.

Stories of preschoolers being blackmailed into taking Ritalin or Adderall by the school itself is not surprising anymore.

The Center for Disease Control released data that revealed 11% of American children have been diagnosed with ADHD as of 2011, and the percentage is increasing every year.

It seems natural that the more we prescribe a pill for developing children to “function normally” the more we see illegal drug use earlier in life. A fantastic way to set a child up for a life of drug abuse is to hand them speed and tell them it’s “medicine.”

Legal Poison

ADHDstudentThe diagnosis, which can be wrong in the first place, automatically comes with a prescription for highly addictive stimulant drugs. It also tells young people who are nowhere near fully developed mentally that the answer to all their struggles in life is a pill.

We need to stop telling the next generations of Americans that there is something intrinsically wrong with them – and that there is a pill to fix it.

Pharmaceutical companies are lining their pockets to the tune of over ten billion dollars a year on ADHD drugs alone.

It seems that a diagnosis of ADHD is a kiss of death given high probability of addiction and the tendency to graduate from prescription to illicit drugs and death.

Communities need to put away the prescription pads and band together to support each individual. No one should be allowed to fall through the cracks. People who fall can pick themselves back up – but they need help to do it.

It does no good to stand in condemnation of an individual who started using drugs to drown out the toxic negativity communicated by reality TV and Photoshopped magazine photos. We can’t continue to poison our children.

The Kids Are Alright

ADHDbetterMaybe nothing is wrong with the kid. Math can be torture after all.

“It’s a disease called childhood” according to Dr. Allen Frances, a professor at Duke University School of Medicine.

Studies on the diagnosis of ADHD itself have proven just how faulty it can be. One study in Canada made an impression by showing the high probability of children who are younger in any given grade level to be diagnosed with ADHD compared to the older children in that same grade.

This study strongly suggests that the symptoms are simply developmental and will be outgrown. Of course it’s hard to develop healthfully when you’re being drugged and high all the time.

The problem seems not to be with our children but in how we are viewing adolescence and the impossible expectations that we put on people of all ages. Perfection is impossible.

Better Together

We should celebrate personality, not erase any and all signs of individuality. Children need to be nurtured, not turned into robots. After all, once we start drugging the child they cease to be the same person.

We are telling our children and peers that they are not good enough and need to do anything, even damage their own health, to change to fit an arbitrary mold.

The antidote to the drug problem is not easy nor quick but it is possible. The solution is created by healthy positive relationships with people and supporting one another.

Too many are dying and suffering to not try everything possible.

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