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Detox & Withdrawals

Detoxing and Withdrawing in CA We can Help.

When you make the decision that rehab is a necessity for you in order to live a fulfilling life again, there are a few procedures that you will experience before that actual sessions begin. If you still have the chemicals from the drugs still running through your system, you will likely not a have a coherent mind that is solely focused on a successful recovery.

How Does A Better Today Address Withdrawal for California Residents?

The entire purpose of a detox is to allow all of the chemicals and toxins to leave your system so you are completely clean from drugs or alcohol when you begin treatment. However, many individuals may be apprehensive to this prospect, due to the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. Depending on the substance you are detoxing from, there may be different symptoms one might go through. If you were to be detoxing from alcohol or other drugs, you would likely experience symptoms of shaking, sweating, trembling, vomiting, anhedonia (the temporary inability to feel joy or happiness), nausea, depression, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, dramatic loss of appetite, headaches and seizures. To many individuals, these symptoms may present a daunting barrier to quit using. However, at A Better Today we do our utmost to mediate this occurrence with our medically-assisted withdrawal services. That way, many of the symptoms of withdrawal that would normally cause immense discomfort would be reduced through the use of modern medicine, as well as other techniques that may mitigate pain or sensations. Depending on the substance one has been using, how long he/she has been using, the potency of the substance used, or the use of other substances, the duration of the effects may be somewhat different. That’s why individuals who are entering detox should be completely honest about their previous use or other medical issues in for your attending specialists can formulate a comprehensive plan to mediate your withdrawal symptoms.

Going through Detox in California

Once you enter into the detox process, there are numerous elements that will likely take place. Upon initial entry, your main priority is to communicate as best you can with the attending specialists. If you are not honest about what drug you have been using, how long you have used, and what other medications you have, it will be far more difficult for your detox specialists to form a comprehensive plan to help you. With medically-assisted withdrawals, there are numerous options to help you. Many institutions provide medications that both lessen the effects of withdrawals, as well as shorten the duration of the detox process. While there may be unpleasant feelings during this time, a medically assisted-withdrawal will be substantially less painful than attempting to isolate yourself and detox alone. In fact, there are numerous cases in which detox can actually be a risk to your wellbeing if you attempt to detox alone. With substances like alcohol and benzodiazepines, many individuals are at risk of having seizures, with no one around to help them. With this in mind, it is extremely prudent to utilize medically-assisted withdrawal services in institutions that A Better Today offers.